An Effective Road Safety Solution

An Effective Road Safety Solution

Use of phone while driving can be tragic

Communication devices like mobile phones have brought a lot of conveniences to different aspects of life. However, we can’t afford to overlook the negative side of the use of these devices, especially for drivers while on the road. How can we simply turn a blind eye on it when a recent report by the National Safety Council indicate that the use of cell phone while driving results in 1.6 million crashes every year. Approximately 390,000 people sustain injuries, while roughly1.25 million fatalities are reported every year due to the accidents.   Every day, approximately 11 teenagers lose their lives because they were texting while driving. Extremely startling statistics!

Despite knowing the dangers that they face by using communication devices while driving, many drivers still find themselves, texting, calling, using mobile navigation systems or searching for something on their phones while steering. At any given time, about 660,000 drivers in the U.S try to use their phones as they drive, according to The NHTSA. Perhaps our busy lives and addiction to these gadgets are to blame for this possibly dangerous multitasking. Women are more likely to experience distracted driving due to phone use as compared men. A recent study shows that 46%  of women and 38% of men aged between 18 to 29 are to use their phones. So, women are more vulnerable to phone-use related distracted driving than men.

According to a report by Carnegie Mellon University, when you use a cell phone while behind the wheel, your brain activity reduces by around 37%, especially, if you have to engage your hand in the use the phone.  Therefore, you won’t be fully in touch with the situations on the road because of reduced brain activity. Besides, controlling the steering wheel using one hand instead of two limits your maneuverability.

But there’s a solution

You don’t want to be part of the shocking statistics, do you? Imagine being bedridden for months or the rest of your life because of an accident that you could have prevented if both of your hands were on the steering wheel. Come to think about the agony you’ll leave to your family and friends if (and may the Heaven forbid ) you lose your life as a result of the crash. Nothing is worth losing your life or health for. Therefore, if you can, refrain from using your phone while driving for the sake of your security and others’.

However, if you have to use your phone while behind the wheels, it is important that you do it in a way that doesn’t require you to withdraw any of your hands from the steering wheel, even for a second. This is where a wireless car charger with mounting capability, comes in handy. Such a charger will not only keep you powered throughout your drive but will also help you use your phone handsfree- a safer way.  

If you have ever bought one but ended up being disappointed, we’ve some good news for you- Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount is here to make your life safer while on the road.

What is Qi Wireless Car Charger?

As its name suggests, Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount is a wireless car charger that offers you a convenient way to charge your phone while driving, besides giving you easy access to the phone’s content and functionalities such as audio controls, directions and messages handsfree.

That’s just an overview of the charging mount. Let’s go deep into the nitty-gritty and see how it achieves the above description.

How does Qi Wireless Car Charger help you?

Here are the key Qi Wireless Car Charger benefits:

Automatic and firm clamping

Getting your phone into position in the Qi charger mount for easy viewing and charging is no struggle. Just slide the phone with its bottom into the charger’s cradle. It will slide in safely and once it touches the insta-detect sensor, the robotic arms of the gravity mount will automatically clamp down (close in) to securely grip the phone into place. This is courtesy of the mount’s Gravity Interlock Three-point system.

Scratch-free phone mounting

Perhaps you’ve heard people saying something  “I’ll never use that damn phone mount again! See how badly it has scratched my phone! ” well, with this mount, the experience will be totally different because its manufacturer made it with the integrity of your device in mind. Its base has a silicone rubber padding to protect any compatible device mounted on it from scratches.  Besides, the rubber construction increases grip to prevent much tossing of your device which could result in scratches. Better still, the rest of the mount is made of plastic for scratch-free use, unlike metallic mounts which tend to scratch. When you want to take your phone out of the mount, just pull it upwards or lift up on the bottom legs and the sides of the charging mount will move apart to ensure that no potentially scratching friction occurs between the chargers and the edges of the phone. Absolutely scratch-free!

Optimal and superfast wireless charging

If you’ve ever used a charger with standard Micro-USB charging cable, perhaps you’ve noticed that it might take you very long to have your phone or similar device fully charged. That’s an inconvenience that you should forget about once you get yourself QI car charger which doubles up as a car mount.  The device’s wireless charging speed is incredible and is attributed to its oiled design tempo which offers faster charge as compared to the majority wireless car charger mounts currently on the market. In fact, its optimal charging is up to 40% faster than the ordinary wireless car chargers’ as long as you are using a compatible Qi enabled device. The charging mount supports Iphones 7.5W high-speed wireless charging and Android  10W high-speed wireless charging. As such, your long waits for your phone to get enough charge for convenient communication while on the go will be reduced significantly once you get this charger. Also, with it, you can use even power-intensive applications such as Google maps without worrying about your phone going off.

Declutters your car

Who likes to see dangling wires in their cars? Dangling wires aren’t a safety hazard but also makes your car look cluttered. Fortunately, the Qi mount is designed to keep your vehicle net as its micro USB connector is hidden at the bottom of its back. It’s not easy to see the cable when the charging mount is plugged in the car vent.  However, it is important to note that the charger charges wirelessly; the USB connector is for plugging into a car’s air vent. So, you won’t have a hanging charging cable in your car if you are using the charging mount.

No overvoltage, overheating or short-circuiting

One of the most serious ‘crimes’ that a car charger can do to you is to damage your phone due to overvoltage, overheating or short-circuiting. However, Qi Wireless Charger is designed to offer you comfort and convenience, not to cause you problems like those. It is fitted in with intelligent chip and capacitor to intelligently detect the voltage of your devices and apply various wireless charging speeds according to the respective features of a device.  Besides, it is so intelligently designed that it can monitor and regulate the temperature of your device to protect it from overheating. As such, your device will remain powered even when you are using power-intensive applications like Google maps

Hassle-free installation

The installation of this phone holder and charging device is hassle-free and doesn’t need any tool whatsoever. It’s something you can do in a couple of seconds. Just plug it in your vehicle’s air vent and it will be ready to charge your Qi enabled phone. It is compatible with nearly any vehicle’s air vent. Unlike some other mounts which are designed for car’s windshield or dashboard, this particular Qi mount is exclusively for plugging in car vents because it is easier to reach or plugin a mount on air vent than it is for a windshield or a dashboard mount. Besides, a vent mount is near your sight’s scope while driving and so, it is easy to steal glances on a phone mounted on it as you focus on the road.  

View adjustment

Sometimes, the screen glare might require you to tilt your phone for perfect views. On that note, the wireless charging mount is equipped with a ball pivot joint to help you adjust the phone’s viewing angle effortlessly to the best position for comfortable handsfree phone use. Once you put your phone on the mount and its arms clasp it, rotate on the universal rotary ball to get the position with which you are most comfortable. Use this mount to place and position your phone in a position and manner in which you can readily view and use it handsfree, irrespective of the vehicle you are driving.

Diverse compatibility

The Qi Wireless Charging Mount securely clamps nearly any smartphone, regardless of its size or shape. However, when it comes to wireless charging, it’s exclusively compatible with Qi-enabled devices or those with a wireless charging receiver installed in them. As such, the charging mount can charge a wide range of mobile communication device models including:

  • IPhone: Xs, Xs Max, XR, X, 8 and 8 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy: S10+, S10, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 8 and 9 as well as LG V30 and G7
  • Google Nexus: 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • LG: G2, G3, G4, V10 and V20

Therefore, if you have more than one phone, you need just one Qi Wireless Charger to serve them singly, as long as they are compatible with it.

Final words

If you have to use your phone while driving, ensure that you do it in a safe manner. Get yourself Qi Wireless Car Charger not only for phone charging convenience but also to give you the comfort you need to multitask between using your phone and maintaining proper focus on the road.

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