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Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger


Over 1.6 million crashes occur annually due to the use of cell phones while driving, says the report of National Safety Council. However, the recent technology of Wireless car charger has saved several lives. It allows the driver to put more focus on the road while using the phone.

You may be curious about getting one for yourself, right? So, you can get it from “Populate.”



ABOUT USWireless Car Charger

Populate is an Australian company that started in 2016. We are one of the world’s leading companies who took the initiative for the safety of drivers and to minimize road accidents by introducing the high-quality wireless car chargers.

Populate has saved thousands of lives by providing wireless chargers, which helps them to take their eyes on the road when using smartphones at the same time. The motto of our company is not earning and filling bank, but we want to save more lives with each passing year with the help of our high-quality and cheap price products.



Wireless Car ChargerOUR JOURNEY

It was always in the headlines that people are dying in an accident because of using a phone while driving. Therefore, we kept this thing in mind and decided to start a business with the help of those experts who wants to help people with the help of technology.

As a result, we came up with a wireless charger, which helped millions of people, and we got millions of positive feedbacks from people who loved our product as a life saver. We have won the trust of people by providing them satisfying quality, and now we are going on with a long lasting relationship with many of our clients by improving our products and quality of customer service.


Wireless Car Charger

People love using our products, and there is a reason behind it. Let’s discuss why we are different from the rest of the wireless car charger providing company.


  • Super-quality products:

Populate came into existence with the collaboration of experts who wanted to dedicate their work and expertise for saving the life of people with high-end products. We do not put our product on sale until it is not checked properly. We also outsource our product for manufacturing to only well-reputed companies, and we do not even put them for sale until we test it accurately. It makes us different from others because we purely dedicate ourselves for public safety.

  • Competitive pricing:

Populate prices are not very low, but we are also not way too expensive. We have a minimal profit margin at each product because our product dedicates to the driver’s safety, and we want to sell as many products as possible.

Therefore, making a huge profit is not our aim, but selling more products, saving lives, and make a small profit margin is the strategy we follow.

  • Commitment to 100% customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is the base of any successful business. This is what which made populate successfully. We satisfied our customer, and they helped us to expand our business by buying our products. We make the experience of each customer worth considering that if they don’t buy our product at the moment, but they will really consider buying to it in the future.

  • 24/7 customer service:

Our responsive customer service support is available whenever you need it. Whether you need help for installing a wireless charger or anything else, you can contact us any time.

  • Fast and secure delivery:

We deliver your product mostly within three days of the period, and if you live in Australia, then it will take even less time to reach. To deliver your product securely, we pack it in a branded padded box and seal it. Our all delivery partner companies are well reputable, and they know to do their job well. In case if your item gets missed, then we’ll send you a new one.

  • Wealth of experience

We are experts in manufacturing and selling products for over Ten years and have experience in selling wireless car chargers for over three years. However, we are not yet manufacturing our charging products, but we are professional in testing chargers before selling you. Meaning that we are not like those vendors who just purchase and sell without checking the quality.



The motto of populate is to provide a safety product to the driver like a wireless charger, which will help them to drive safe on the road without diverting their focus.


In the coming years, populate is going to become not only a leading wireless charger seller but also a leading producer of chargers and other communication devices.



Happiness and satisfaction of our customers are the keystones of our business.

Our core values are:

  • Honesty: What we show you, we will deliver you.
  • Consistency: Quality of product and customer satisfaction will always adore you no matter how many times you come or from which corner of the world you belong to.
  • Respect: The Customer is the most respectable for us because he is a King.


We are selling a wireless car charger for over three years now. Therefore, if you want to plug your hands-free for talk while charging your phone, then our wireless charger is all you required. Our all products are tested before selling it to you, and this is the reason that we are the number one choice in the market for purchasing a wireless charger.


If you want to get rid of messy charging wires, and want to drive safely, then contact us, and we have a solution of wireless charger for you. Contact us, and we will deliver it to you.